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game of cat and mouse that the u.s. is fighting against drug smugglers. >>> "america at the crossroads." tonight why america's losing some of the best and brightest and how to keep them here. >>> and tired of it all. alarming news about a problem that impairs our economy, our health, our jobs, actually puts us in danger. "nightly news" begins us in danger. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. the president of the united states is now on record. the longtime libyan leader needs to leave and change must now come to libya. this is how the president put it at the white house today. >> let me just be very unambiguous about this. colonel gadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. that is good for his country. it is good for his people. it's the right thing to do. >> of course, that brings us to the question about how to do that, how to finish what the libyan uprising has started. there's growing support for a so-called no-fly zone, but the defense secretary continues to warn americans that would first mean a u.s. air attack on libya
's several hundred feet underground. rescuers had to use rope and rigging to rescue the victim. the confined space required crews to use protective gear and masks and continually monitor the air. the rescue worker was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >>> more trouble tonight for vincent gray. mayor vincent gray, over allegations he gave a man a high-paying city job in exchange for a tax on then mayor adrian fenty. tom sherwood has more on the revelations inside a council committee hearing today. >> reporter: sulaimon brown watched monday as a d.c. council committee heard testimony that mayor vincent gray's campaign and office staff from unusually interested in getting brown a job. independent inspector general charles willoughby said the mayor's chief of staff asked him in january to meet with brown. willoughby did. but he said no mayor's office has ever made such a request before. >> you're talking about from people from within the d.c. government? no, i have not been asked. >> reporter: reuben charles, a leader of both gray's campaign and transition, confirmed he wa
. in order to do the transportation projects we need in the county, in order for us to continue economic development, we need a source of revenue that's coming in. >> reporter: baker is expecting his support will result in major transportation projects getting done in prince georges county. >> we're willing to bring our significant amount of votes, 23 members in the house, 8 members in the senate, around this measure, then the transportation projects we have, whether it's new carrollton, whether it's projects around grant avenue, we think those should be on the top of the list in the governor's budget. >> reporter: but some constituents don't agree. >> taxes in the county already ridiculous, you know? property tax. he want more taxes in gasoline? he's got to be out of his mind. >> reporter: state lawmakers have a $1.4 billion gap they're going to have to close in or to balance this budget. in the past, they've borrowed money from transportation to take care of these kinds of issues. if this bill passes it will include an amendment that will keep lawmakers from being able to do that in th
that was run by the u.s. will be commanded by nato, an obama diplomatic win. but many in congress warn president obama not to send u.s. ground troops to depose gadhafi, who is said to be in this car today. >> yes, we want him out. no, we don't want to do it at the enormous cost of military invasion. >> reporter: the president has to justify taking sides in what some see as a civil war. >> will america's commitment & end in days, not weeks, as the president promised? >> reporter: defense secretary gates admitted on "meet the press," libya is not vital. >> no, i don't think it's vital interests for the united states, but we clearly have interests there, and it's a part of the recently, which is a vital interest for the united states. >> reporter: a region in chaos, uprisings in egypt, syria, bahrain, jordan, might the president commit the u.s. military elsewhere. libya's already cost about $1 billion. with no clear end in sight. >>> tonight, some u.s. naviville vessels are reported to be pulling out of the mediterranean. tomorrow, u.s. allies meet about libya. the plan is to put pressure
was going to say. >>> on the broadcast tonight, closing in on gadhafi. there's talk of u.s. military options against him. and now for hordes of people, now's the time to get out of there. >>> a collision course in wisconsin with time running out. tonight, is there a deal to end the standoff? >>> america at the crossroads. all week long our reports here on america's changing economy. tonight, are we keeping up in the search for the next big thing? >>> and the winner is -- the good, the bad and the ugly at this year's oscars. and the amazing story behind the man behind the best picture. and the amazing story behind the man behind the best picture. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. the situation in libya is now a lot more serious where the u.s. is concerned. u.s. navy ships are being readied for a number of possible options here including possibly enforcing a no-fly zone. moammar gadhafi spoke again today on two television networks an interview the u.s. immediately called delusional. all this time the forces against him are closing in. we
, 2011. we begin with breaking news out of the district. a u.s. park police officer on a motorcycle has been struck by a car. it happened on i-395 near seventh street behind lafont plaza. let's look live at a traffic camera from that area. the officer was being flown to the hospital and is critically injured. we're joined by phone with the latest. >> all lanes are blocked. not far from lafont plaza. we do have several vehicles involved in a motor vehicle collision. it is what we call a priority one, which is serious. the injuries don't appear to be life threatening, but they are serious. and as you said, the medevac helicopter just departed moments ago for a nearby trauma center. >> can you tell us what caused this accident. did a career e rear-end the motorcycle? >> people are looking into the circumstances how it did occur. but right now all lanes are closed. we got the call about 15 minutes ago. it's a developing scene for the most part. but all lanes are -- i can tell you that there are several other vehicles involved. i don't know how they all became involved. but they don't seem t
and western attacks from the air, and we talk to the u.s. general in charge. >>> under control. a new breed of air traffic controllers tang over with fresh questions about safety still in the air. >>> and hanging tough. brave new worries about the crippled nuclear plant, but we find survivors of the japanese disaster giving everyone a lesson in resilience. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. i'm lester holt in tonight for brian williams. for a seventh straight day the u.s. and the allies bombarded targets in libya, still trying to break the back of moammar gadhafi's assault on rebel-held cities. the u.s. for its part says it's prepared to take a back seat, but exactly what the ultimate goal is and even who's in charge of this operation are still somewhat ill defined tonight. nato says it plans to take full command, but is still seeking consensus on a military strategy. in a moment we'll hear from the general in charge of u.s. forces there, but first to the ground where rebels are taking their own fight to gadhafi's forces. today nbc's r
of the replacement team >>> on the broadcast tonight, sending weapons. tonight the prospect of u.s. weapons in the hands of libya's rebel forces. the president says he won't rule it out, so our own richard engel goes inside those rebel forces for a closer look. >>> radiation fears. the nuclear crisis in japan has a lot of people asking could it happen here, and would warning systems work if it did? >>> price check. a new drug to help prevent premature babies, but at what cost for those who need it? >>> and the close call for an american president 30 years ago tonight. what we didn't know until now. >>> also here tonight, the first-ever view of a neighbor of ours. "nightly news" begins now. ightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. right about now during these past few days across our country, people are watching this unfolding situation in libya. the rebels versus gadhafi. americans have heard president obama defending the u.s. air campaign he ordered, sending our service members to fight a third concurrent conflict far from home. in our conver
>>> this sunday, the allied strike against libya stretches into its second week as the u.s. seeks to limit its role. >> responsibility for this operation is being transferred from the united states to our nato allies and partners. >> but as criticism from congress mounts, many questions remain. what happens if gadhafi clings to power? what are the limits of the u.s.'s role if a civil war gets worse? and how does a military campaign relate to our overall strategy in the mideast? this morning, a special joint interview, with us, the secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of defense robert gates. >>> then -- the president faces critics from both sides of the aisle. did he overstep his constitutional authority by using force without consulting congress. my interview this morning with republican from indiana senator richard lugar. >>> finally, analysis of the administration's handling of the crisis in libya is our fragile economic recovery continues and our military is stretched thin by two other wars, did the president make the case to the american people that libya is worth
and lymphoma society. stay with us now. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >>> breaking news affecting the morning rush hour. a deadly crash involving city workers inside a tunnel in the district. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today". it is 37 degrees. a cold start to your day especially after the 70 degrees we had yesterday and the cold winds making it colder. >> good morning to pour the waffle batter. it's cold once again. and hello march, good morning, happy march. right now it's right near freezing. many locations that are west and northern suburbs in washington right now low 30s. mid-30s prince george's coin, southern maryland near the bay. weather watchers reporting a clear sky all around the region. we have a blustery wind out to the north and west and wind chills that are down in the mid-20s. layer up on this first day of march and over the last 12 hours when he that storm system clear out. we have a clear sky over the washington monument. by 9:00 our temperatures in thor 30s. still a bit blustery, bright and sunny and sunny af
20s in the shenandoah valley. it will be with us throughout the day. getting rain in the midwest. for the day, as it progresses, temperatures above in the mid 40s. sunset at 6:42. we are told that police are telling us it is because of a broken down vehicle. we will investigate it more. there may be a to it. bottom line, 3:57, the outbound side, beyond, for the moment, it is a friday. >> a junction point that connected feeder lines malfunctioned. it caused two manholes to stay smoking. customers have the air back on, but a lot of people's alarm clocks are flashing instead of going off. >>> investigators say one person was shot. officers searched the area for blues, did not. >> news 4, tracee wilkins joins us. are the prices as high there? >> yes, $3.41. this is one of the most buzziest gas stations you can see, gas jum jumps 29 sents more than when the libyan crisis first halved. it was $thirty-nine.17 a week ago. one of our entrepreneurers was told that the wrim of her coffee will be going up six sents on monday. it is all because of foot pri s prices. >>> there will be no oran
cities in americ and what it says about all of us. >>> and making a difference. a woman on a mission to fight the battle of the bulge, one entire town at a time. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, with cruise missiles, moammar gadhafi has not only survived any of the strikes that might have landed near him, tonight he appeared on libyan tv in front of a crowd of supporters in tripoli, vowing to be victorious in the end. the u.s. lost a jet there today, an older fighter jet, mechanical failure, they say, and not a shootdown. both pilots are okay. but it could have ended much differently. and in the beginning stages still of this so far u.s.-led attack, a lot of people are wondering how this ends. we begin tonight with our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. jim, good evening? >> reporter: good evening. for american air crews, this is about as tense as it gets. it took more than 12 hours to safely recover both of the downed airmen. what's left of the american fighter jet was scattered across the libyan desert. the air force f
of sunshine across the area. high pressure pretty much smack dab over us. a northerly wind eventually we're going to see a south easterly wind and eventually some mild air will be moving in. 303 degrees is with where we are going to be by 11:00 p.m.. look at the clear skies, a very starry night. but a pretty decent evening. it will be chilly. still a nice evening. especially looking up. milder tomorrow, and we'll talk about the weekend coming up, as well, and the fact that we are looking at quite a bit of rain moving in. we'll talk about how much, and if i think there could be any blood problems around the area. jim? >> all right, thanks shall veronica. >>> a top college basketball player has been kicked off the team for admitting he had sex with his girlfriend. brandon davies was a starter for brigham young university, where there is a strict honor code that prohibits premarital sex. that's he, number 22, byu is third ranked right now, and davies was the team's leading rebounder. they're still deciding whether to let davies stay in school >>> time is run running out between the nfl team
conference. good morning, melissa. tell us what investigators are saying about this major arrest this morning. >> reporter: investigators inside here say they are absolutely nothing short of thrilled this afternoon. years of work and now a huge sigh of relief for all of these police officials who worked so hard over the years. they now say aaron thomas is, indeed, the east coast rapist. >> good morning. what a pleasure and a privilege to be standing up here. >> reporter: police received thousands of tips after putting up billboards with a sketch of the suspect in seven states last week. police say those tips along with an internal computer system helped investigators share case information led to his arrest. thomas, of course, was arrested in new haven, connecticut, friday after police linked his dna to more than a dozen rapes and sexual assaults over the years. now, they followed thomas, pulled his dna off of a cigarette butt he threw away, and just one day later say they matched that dna to those assaults. as you might remember, over the years, many of the attacks happened in the washington
president obama ruled out using american troops to remove the dictator from power. the decision is being second-guessed on capitol hill. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: as the u.s. role in the libyan air war gets smaller and nato gets set to take over command, moammar gadhafi is not giving up or getting out. his forces today counterattacked, pushing libyan rebels back, targeting civilians in rebel-held towns. >> gadhafi is using snipers to shoot people down and let them bleed to death in the street. >> reporter: at secretary of state clinton's meeting today was qatar's prime minister. >> we ask gadhafi to leave and not cause any more bloodshed. >> reporter: but so far it's the libyan leader's call and he says no. >> i'm not sure that we know exactly when we will get to any change in attitude by gadhafi. >> reporter: last night president obama ruled out using u.s. ground troops. >> if we tried to overthrow gadhafi by force, our coalition would splinter. >> reporter: but capitol hill is splintered. >> forcing gadhafi to leave power, i disagree with the president saying that t
new information for commuters. >>> right now u.s. navy war ships are moving closer to the coast of libya. the u.s. and its allies. >> charlie sheen isn't going away any time soon. where he suddenly showed up late last night and what his two live in girlfriends say about their lives together. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm joe krebs. while you were sleeping the temperatures inside took a dramatic drop. inside where? inside the d.c. area, i guess. inside the beltway. we're taking a live look outside right now. 37 degrees at 6:00. >> it feels even colder, tom. >> we got a wind coming out of the north and west. partly cloudy. over washington quite a bit of sunshine today but that's not going help us out much unfortunately. look now, it's just near freezing in washington. and in the nearby suburbs of prince george's, article, fairfax and montgomery counties, right near the bay it is a little bit warmer but not much. just in the mid-30s there. i want has dipped into the 20s in the mountains. a within coming out of the north and west gusting 20 miles per hour. wind chills are in th
>>> right now, 5:59, more air strikes in lib ya, coalition forces expand the mission. how the u.s. role in the attacks is changing. >> police are looking for a gunman that killed a 41-year-old man as he walked home from work. >> a live look outside. march 22nd, a warm start today. already 57 degrees. right at 6:00. >> it is march, changes on the way. 70 degrees after a start near 40 yesterday morning. we will have big changes moving in. it is good morning moon. there it is, western sky. live view. the clouds, in and out, we played peek-a-boo with the moon. and mid 50s, it is near 60, farther south from fredericksburg, and culpeper. many locations in the mid 40s there, as well as northern west virginia. there is a boundary with showers and thundershowers from wisconsin down to central virginia. one of those boundaries there could be showers and thundershowers, here, we will stay dry. a partly sunny day. the partly sunny sky over capitol hill. through the morning, up around 60 by mid afternoon. unlike yesterday, it will be partly sunny, and light northwesterly breezes. we will show
was plying over benghazi. a u.s. military search and rescue team found one crew member. the other ended up in the care of a libyan rebel group, but quickly separated himself and found the search and rescue team. we'll have more on the crash and the latest enforcement of the no-fly zone in the next half hour. >>> right now, montgomery police are investigating whether the murder of 41-year-old man is connected to a deadly shooting of an 81-year-old man. both shootings happened in olney within days of each other. tracee wilkins talked with one of the victims' uncle. >> reporter: montgomery police say this man was shot and killed here on this road on his way home from work. and now, they're investigating to see if this is possibly related to another murder that happened just last week. >> we are shocked. >> reporter: just after 4:00 p.m. yesterday when shots rang out in the 3400 block of north i street and olney. punyasara gedara shot multiple times. his uncle working in the front yard a few hundred yard as way heard the shots, and ran to the scene. >> i saw people running that way, and then i
should be in the 40s and these breezes we have with us now will settle down. bright sunshine throughout the day and by mid-afternoon peak briefly in the upper 40s. 5:00 back down to the mid-40s with a bright and sunny afternoon. a look at tonight's forecast. it will be cold again. i'll tell you how cold it will get. that comes up at 4:41. let's check on our traffic. a >> we're starting out with a big issue in the district. 3rd street tunnel. an accident has traffic blocked. traffic will be detoured to 4th street. no big surprises along 95. we're in great shape there. along route 1 no problems to report. back to you. >>> the u.s. military is moving naval and air forces closer to libya as the crisis intensifies. the pentagon didn't specific what military actions are taking place in the mediterranean sea. the move comes as foreign leaders consider imposing a no fly zone over libya. allies stepped up travel and sanctions against libya and moammar gadhafi. foreign leaders want the dictator to stop attacks against protesters and to step down after his 42 years in power. >>> global markets wil
caoadcast fo. "nbc nightly news" is next. >>> on the broadcast tonight, who's in charge? is the u.s. about to hand over control of the attack on libya? and tonight what may be the next nation to go in that region. >>> changing face. a major milestone tonight for a growing group of americans. >>> asleep in the tower. two jets needing to land in washington can't raise an air traffic controller, and now we know why. >>> and making a difference, for the struggling people of japan. nbc news with americans on a mission to provide critical relief. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. it has turned into a big military effort, bombs and cruise missiles have been raining down on libya, and it could get even bigger and the stakes are high. it's been a mostly u.s. run air campaign thus far, but tonight a change is coming. a hand-over to nato for the supervision of this strike. even though the pentagon warned libya today, quote, we will continue to hit you, the u.s. is anxious to shift some of this to somebody else. and just as there have been new a
to he reclaim ground they had lost. >> that said, secretary gates, would the u.s. supply arms to the rebels? >> no decision has been made about that at this point. the security council resolution would permit it, the second resolution, 1973, would permit it. but no decisions have been made by our government about that. >> but does this administration want to see the rebels prevail and overtake gadhafi? >> i think the president's policy is that it's time for gadhafi to go. that's not part of our military mission, which has been very limited and very strictly defined. >> how is that going to happen? secretary clinton you said this week you thought you were picking up signals that he wanted to get out of his own accord. >> well, there are many different aspects to the strategy that the international community is pursuing. as bob has said, the military mission has gone very well. it only started just eight days ago so it has been remarkably well coordinated and focused and now nato will take command and control over it. at the same time, we are pursuing really strict economic sanc
at an officer with a broken bottle. according to vettors, the officer tried using a taser first, but then had to draw his gun. a worker from another store questions why there was trouble to begin with. >> they were moving out today. they're closing. they took all their cases out by noon. and i never even saw the guy. >> the man who was shot is expected to survive. police plan to charge him with assault. >>> starting just after midnight it will cost a bit more to take a taxi in the district. starting at 12:01, very early monday morning, d.c. will add $1 full surcharge to all cab rides. the taxicab commission recommended the fee to off set the rise in fuel prices. the surcharge will last through july 25th. the fee does not apply to taxis that travel to maryland and virginia. >>> it is not too late to join nbc 4 at the national mall for the fifth annual national walk for epilepsy. the walk kicked off a few minutes ago at 9:00. there are entire events running into noon between madison and jefferson drives. the walk has raised $4 million in the past four years. organizers hope to make this year's
>>> good evening, a few hours ago here in new york, president obama sat down to talk with us about the dangerous situation in libya and that entire region of the world. we asked him about the speech to the nation he delivered last night, the dangers of u.s. military involvement while already fighting two other wars and the precedent this may set in other nations. and the fact that this may not go quite as the u.s. and nato have planned. notably as you're about to hear, the president left open the possibility of arming the rebels who are in the fight against gadhafi in libya. here now a portion of our conversation with the president at this time of high stakes overseas. the moment your speech ended last night, the associated press put out an item that read, president obama's speech was about defending the first war launched on his watch. how does it end? >> well, first of all, i think it's important to note that we've had two wars on my watch. one which we've wound down and we do not have combat operations in iraq any more. afghanistan is still a tough fight. that weighs heavily on
the u.s. action in libya. >>> good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm wendy rieger sitting in for jim handly. president obama addresses the nation tonight on the latest in libya, and his main message will be reassurance that the u.s. role will be limited. but the president is under pressure to justify his intervention there, and to spell out just how soon u.s. forces can disengage. steve handelsman has the latest on the speech and the war from the white house. >> reporter: president obama today on univision, spanish language tv, previewed what he'll promise the nation about libya. >> our involvement there is going to be limited. both in time and in scope. >> reporter: that looks more likely today. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: libyan rebels are advancing, libyan civilians are safer. it's a dramatic turn-around because of the u.s. and our allies. moammar gadhafi's heavy weapons are being destroyed by coalition pilots. and the air attack that was run by the u.s. will be commanded by nato, an obama diplomatic win. but many in congress warn president obama not to send u.s. ground tr
moammar gadhafi's troops launch a counter offensive. is it time for the u.s. to consider arming the opposition? >>> dangerous dyes -- does the coloring in foods we eat every day have a negative impact on children's food and behavior? what some parents are already doing just in case. >>> and the polar prince on his trek to the arctic. he opened up to us about his most important duty at his brother's wedding. >> are you thinking about what you will say? >> writing a speech while i'm stuck in a tent at minus 40. >> our conversation with prince harry today, wednesday, march >> our conversation with prince harry today, wednesday, march 30, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm meredith vieira. the rebels in libya, aided by coalition air strikes were making a rapid advance to tripoli but have taken a beating from forces loyal to moammar gadhafi today. >> the rebels have retreated some 100 miles. we'll have the late nest a live report from libya ahead. we'll also talk to michelle bachman w
your weekend with us. i'm kimberly suiters. aaron gilcrest is off tonight. the weather really is the big story this weekend. meteorologist, kim march tucci is in for meteorologist, chuck bell. >> this is such a great time of year. >> it is weird to talk about the chance of some snow possibly on our poofy cherry blossoms. if we do get it, it will be gorgeous but i don't think it will be a big deal. it is chilly this morning. get ready to layer up a little bit if you are getting ready for the saturday morning routine that takes you outside, all quiet, chilly day ahead, 33 degrees at reagan national airport. lots of clear skies to our north. the clouds to the south will be overspreading the area today. we will call it partly sunny, we will hold off on any precipitation until late in the overnight. these counties shaded in purple represent a winter storm watch, not until 10:00 tonight and 4:00 tomorrow. it doesn't include much of the metropolitan area, down towards harrisonburg and more field, west virginia. we are headed into the middle and upper 40s this afternoon. no rain or sn
it's been detected in 15 states across the u.s., all the way from the west coast to the east, and all the while we've been told these are minute, trace amounts that pose no harm to any of us. but now the epa says traces of radiation have been found in milk. again, they say, far below levels of public health concern, but that won't stop some public concern. it's where we begin tonight with nbc's tom costello in washington. tom, good evening. >> reporter: hi, brian. the u.s. has already halted imports of dairy products and produce from japan, but radiation travels in the air, it falls on pastures and meadows and it appears to have been consumed already by american cows. 4700 miles from the nuclear disaster in japan, the faintest hints of radiation have now turned up in america's milk supply. trace amounts of radioactive iodine 131 found in samples taken from california on march 28th and washington state on march 25th. but levels so low the epa says a sample taken from spokane would have to be 5,000 times higher to reach levels at which the fda would intervene. >> for parents out there,
: as the u.s. role in the libyan air force gets smaller and nato gets set to take over command, moammar gadhafi is not giving up or getting out. his forces counter attack, pushing rebel forces back. >> gadhafi is using snipers to shoot people down and let them bleed to death in the street. >> reporter: at secretary of state clintons's meeting in london, topic one was the dictator. >> we edge gadhafi and his people to leave and not to cause any more bloodshed. >> reporter: but so far, it's the libyan leader's call and he says no. >> i'm not sure that we know exactly when we will get to any change in attitude by gadhafi. >> reporter: president obama told brian williams, economic and diplomatic pressure could force gadhafi out. >> our expectation is that as we continue to apply steady pressure not only militarily but through other means that gadhafi will ultimately step down. >> reporter: president obama ruled out using u.s. ground troops, but capitol hill is splintered. >> forcing gadhafi to leave power, i disagree with the president saying that the use of force should be ruled out. >> re
this morning. what can you tell us? >> good morning. we are seeing the storm take shape. if you're waking up in the northeast and seeing precipitation you're seeing one wave. we'll be watching now across the southeast -- it has all the ingredients for a classic nor'easter developing tonight and tomorrow. expect rain, wind, higherer elevation snows though from the poconos into new england. we have a number of winter storm warnings up into maine. winter weather advisories as well. notice who's out of it -- philadelphia, new york and boston should be mostly rain and wind. the totals anywhere from 6 to 9 inches in the hudson valley up to a foot or more in parts of interior new england. back to you. >> thanks. we'll have the rest of the forecast in a little bit. now to libya where the cia has had operatives on the ground for weeks. nbc white house correspondent chuck todd has the latest details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carl. here's what we know. while the cia has had operatives on the ground for weeks they have been gathering intelligence, trying to find the rebels you can work w
housing for a number of low-income people. quite a few of whom are physically handicapped and use wheelchairs. >> with the handicapped people they couldn't go down themselves. i told everybody to go back into their apartments. i mean because the smoke was too thick out in the hallway. >> some residents complain that a door to the third floor stairwell, had been jammed for over a week, and hindered their ability to escape the building. >> no firefighters indicated there were any kind of problems like that. certainly look at. i don't know specifically what you're talking about, but i did hear them telling you that. >> reporter: the building's management was able to open a community room to keep displaced residents warm. some were housed in vacant apartments. two families were helped by the red cross to find temporary shelt shelter. two people were injured and taken to the hospital. their injuries are described as nonlife threatening. the cause of the fire is under investigation. jim, back to you. >> jackie bensen, thanks, jackie. >>> an update now to an awful story we covered last n
in the largest class-action lawsuit in u.s. history. as many as 1 million current and former female walmart workers are suing the chain for what they call wage and gender discrimination. hundreds of protesters on both sides have been outside the supreme court all morning. at issue is whether the lawsuit should have been filed in the first place. lawyers for walmart say the sheer scope of the suit makes it impossible to launch an effective defense. depending on the court's decision, legal experts say either class-action lawsuits would be no more or it could be open season against big corporations. >>> well, let's take a look outside right now. we've got sunny skies on another very cold morning. tom kiernan's here with the very latest. we're enjoying this, tom. >> waiting for warmer weather and waiting and waiting and waiting. it's taking a while to get here, that's for sure. but at least it's looking like spring. cherry blossoms at peak around the tidal basin but a chill in the air. a breeze out of the north and west as well. though it's 43, it feels chilly with the northwesterly breeze arou
[ male announcer ] use citi thankyou points for almost anything. and earn them fast with the new citi thankyou preferred card. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >>> she loves people. she wants to make the world a better place. >> tonight, the family of a pregnant woman who has been missing talks about the search for their daughter. in the meantime, police want to talk to the woman's husband. he is fighting in afghanistan. >>> good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. she has everything to live for. that's what makes the disappearance of a young mother so concerning. police say she truly disappeared without a trace. craig melvin is live in fredericksburg where he spoke with the woman's family. >> reporter: doreen, bethany's mother lives here and at one point, she looked scaquare into the camera and pleaded for her daughter to come home. police told me they are very anxious to talk to decker's husband face to face. he, as you mentioned, is currently deployed to afghanistan. kim has not seep or heard from her daughter, bethany decker, since january 29th. neit
who said, we're rebels, you can trust us. they took him inside and gave him juice and gave him a ride. took him in the car all the way to benghazi where he telephoned american forces for a pickup. but it's what happened to the other u.s. airman that might have caused a friendly fire tragedy. commanders say the usf-15 e suffered a mechanical failure. the airmen ejected. but as they were rescued came the reported bloodshed described by libyans to western reporters. flying at least one osprey like this, a u.s. rescue team reportedly fired on friendly libyan rebels who were near one of the u.s. pilots. six libyans reportedly died. u.s. commanders investigating the crash promised to investigate the reported deaths. in el salvador this afternoon, president obama said many more u.s. forces would have died if if the forces did not intervene. >> i want to emphasize to the american people, because of the extraordinary capabilities and valor of our men and women in uniform, we have already saved lives. >> reporter: meanwhile, allied air raids continue. two arab nations, say they're sending jets
in the teens, high pressure over us now, coming down from the grate lakes and evening canada, it is cold from the carolinas to new england. clouds coming in from the midwest. we will see those as we get through the the day. by 9:00, in the upper 30s, by mid afternoon, should be by 50 degrees. a good day to get out and enjoy the cherry blossoms, they are at peak now. we could have precipitation by this time tomorrow morning. how is traffic? >> good morning. a lot of overnight construction. in the process of being picked up. 395 northbound, leaving the beltway, should find lanes open. regular and h.o.v. to and across the 14th street bridge. the inner loop has come up from tysons corner. there has been road work. outer look is okay. wilson bridge, no worries there. the travel lanes are opened. as we have been saying, construction between springfield, tyson'ses corner. >>> back to you. secretary of state clinton is going to meet to step up aid to war-torn areas. >> president obama will use telephone air waves to defend h his using the military. the president said they helped without putting troop
looking at the beautiful blooms. >>> news 4 derrick ward joins us live it from the tidal basin. >> are the crowds out there already? >> reporter: they are starting to grow. a bunch of events going on down here today. a marathon that will be running not far from here. you do need jackets and perhaps gloves. i can't remember wearing gloves at a cherry blossom festival kickoff. there is also a chill in the hearts of those attending this year's festival. i want to step aside. there is indeed a certain solemn knit to this year ace festival because of the devastation in japan. last week, hundreds took part in a candlelight vil vigil. a lot has happened over the ensuing 99 years. this annual blooming significesa peaceful state of relations. >> you do get that sense, very serene, beautiful. >> is it everything you expected? >> it is more, really gorgeous. >> reporter: we are getting the organizers of this year's festival say they expect the peak period to be sometime between march 29th and april 3rd so you still get time to get down here and see the peak of all of this. another annual
when the garage and, as you can see, they used foam to help put it out. everyone was able to get out of the home and no injuries have been reported. >>> let's take a look outside right now. another cold, damp morning out there. tom kierein, when are we going to get some spring again? >> patience is a virtue, i'm told. >> i'm told. >> it's taking a long time. certainly most of us are over winter, but still feeling quite a chill in the air here on this wednesday morning. and looking at radar, we do have rain in the viewing area. raining lightly in culpepper county and madison county and farther to the south of fredericksburg near -- just north of richmond getting some light rain. also a little bit of light rain, shenandoah valley may be mixing with wet snow. as the day progresses, we'll have an increasing chance of getting that light rain into washington. low to mid-40s. 46 at reagan national. that will be pretty much the high for the day. once the rain does come in, it will likely get cooler. today, tonight and thursday, we have a winter weather advisory. it does include parts of garr
>>> good morning. breaking news, a defense department official tells nbc news a u.s. f-15 fighter jet has crashed in libya. we are live with the latest on the fate of the crew. >>> back to work. crews return to the damaged nuclear plant in japan to try to stop the smoke, steam and radiation that's escaping. this morning they have hit a new snag when it comes to re-establishing power to the facility. >>> and sorry, charlie. just two weeks after giving him the boot, cbs is reportedly in talks to bring charlie sheen back to "two and a half men." but after everything each side has said, can anyone say they are winning today? has said, can anyone say they are winning today? tuesday, march 22, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry in for meredith. the crash of a u.s. fighter jet happened overnight near the city of benghazi. the cause was likely mechanical. >> the pilots ejected and one crew member has been recovered. the other is what they are calling in the process of being rec
pnc. for the achiever in us all. >>> storm threat, a tornado's direct hit brings devastation as extreme weather bears down on much of the country. >>> under attack. gadhafi's brutal show of force against rebels on the outskirts of tripoli. >>> captured, the search for a notoris predator that lasted more than a decade may finally be over. >>> and culture clash. the oscar winner and her real life role that sparked a new debate over family values. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good day, everyone. this has been a day of dancing rains and tornados. some 26 states, over 100 million americans have been in the path of this system which has triggered flood watches and warnings from parts of missouri all the way to vermont. while in the south, thunderstorms have unleashed tornados near southwestern louisiana. including one that's left at least one person dead. julie martin is covering it all for us tonight. >> reporter: at least three tornados ripped through an area 50 miles west of baton rouge, louisiana saturday morning, injuring 12 and killing one. 60 homes were
church. they say horrible things at the funerals of u.s. military. is that free speech? there was a big supreme court ruling today. >>> fighting back. gadhafi's fierce new pushback against his own people as other dictators fall, how does he survive? >>> whose side are you on in the showdown over unions and collective bargaining? tonight we'll show you what people say in our new poll. the secret lives of animals. did you ever wonder what they're all up to when nobody's watching? now we know. and the surprise appearance today to unveil the next big thing. "nightly news" begins now. we know. we know. a surprise captions paid for by nbc-universal television unve next big thing. nightly news begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. they go to the funerals of americans who have been killed in action in iraq and afghanistan and they hold up signs saying things like, thank god for dead soldiers. god hates you and it's too late to pray, and they do this in the name of religion. of course, what they do is an insult to religion. they are the members of the westbo
to the day. a nice day yesterday, so we're hoping it warms up again. >> march is so cruel. it taunts us. briefly felt like spring for a couple of hours, but now right back to wintry cold conditions. it's below freezing throughout the entire region except southern maryland, just a little above freezing right near the bay. it's in the mid and upper 20s to near 30 right near washington, but farther west and north, low 20s. and look at the windchills. it feels like 17 degrees in washington. we've had winds gusting to around 20 miles an hour. windchills in the teens and low 20s. we do have a mostly clear sky now. we have an area of high pressure that's over us again here and it will give us plenty of sunshine today, but much colder than average temperatures. there's the washington monument under will clear sky and by 9:00, we'll still probably be below freezing and winds will settle down by noon. briefly touching near 40 by midafternoon. and then back down to the upper 30s under a clear sky. turning cold again tonight. your night planner coming up at 4:41. how is traffic? >>> pretty good sha
to be coming our way later today. and begin to bring us some steadier rain. but it does appear that that will not happen until perhaps late afternoon. before then, we just have a chance of a few sprinkles and the nationals can play baseball with just a few sprinkles, maybe a little bit of drizzle. they can play. i think they'll get most of the game inp pu about later this afternoon we'll get some rain likely continuing tonight. we'll look at your evening forecast, big changes on the way. friday and next week, that will come up along with a detailed forecast for the game. >> okay. tom. we can't wait the hear that. >>> the weather outside might not seem like it, but it's opening day for the washington nationals as they square off against the atlanta braves. derrick ward has more for us. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. you know, like you said, it may not feel like spring but there's electricity in the air. the crack of the bat, the sound of that ball slapping into leather, the music from the stands. and actually the smell of hot dogs and onions. all that sort of comes together
, husband number six, u.s. senator, john warner. >> heart and soul were just as beautiful as her classic face and majestic eyes. >> reporter: but it was her romance to richard burton whom she first married in 1974 and then again in 1985, that created a media frenzy. >> they were trail blazers for the paparazzi. there had never been anything like. that never stars that big. never a romance that famous and public and scandalous. >> reporter: in 2009, she privately mourned the passing of one of her best friends, michael jackson. in her later years, it was her charity work for aids research that she says kept her going. just days after celebrating her 79th birthday in february, taylor was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. she will be remembered for her beauty, generosity and grace. a private family funeral will be held later this week. the family asked that in lew of flowers, donations be made to the elizabeth taylor aids foundation. in los angeles, news4. >> elizabeth taylor had a major connection to the washington area. she married former virginia senator john warner back in 1976
. >>> it is 6:00 on the nose. we'll check in with tom, winter is not done with us yet. >> it does not want to give it up quite yet. this is march, after all, and still early march. on march the 7th we are starting off with a clear sky, but look at the overnight snow totals to our west and north. and now that is all ended and we have temperatures near the freezing mark. watch out, we have had accidents no doubt due to patchy ice on the roads that did not dry out that are now freezing up. and temperatures will stay right near the freezing mark here for the next couple of hours. and the windchills are down to just near 20 degrees in a few locations because of winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. storm system exiting now over new england clearing our sky out now. we'll have lots of sunshine today. there's the predawn glow over the potomac river. a live view from the city camera. at 9:00 a.m., 35 degrees with bright sunshine. a blustery wind to settle down by mid-afternoon. then we'll be in the upper 40s and getting cold tonight. i'll tell you how cold as we look at the night planner at 6:11. k
pounded by pro-gadhafi forces. as steve handelsman reports, it was after obama ruled out using troops to force out the dictator. >> good evening. what are we going to do about moammar gadhafi. up here on capitol hill today, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell demanded to know. if it's not obama policy to use force to depose moammar gadhafi, what is the policy. as the u.s. role in the libyan air war gets smaller and nato gets set to take over command, moammar gadhafi is not giving up or getting out. his forces today counterattacked, pushing libyan rebels back, targeting civilians in rebel-held towns. >> gadhafi is using snipers to shoot people down and let them bleed to death in the street. >> reporter: secretary of state clinton's meeting today with u.s. allies in london, topic one was the dictator. >> we urge gadhafi and his people to leave and not to cause any more bloodshed. >> reporter: but so far, it's the libyan leader's call, and he says no. >> i'm not sure that we know exactly when we will get to any change in attitude by gadhafi. >> reporter: last night president obama r
to come get us. >> reporter: outside columbus, ohio, 60 weather-related wrecks reported in less than three hours on sunday, blamed on icy roads. in buffalo, sunday snowfall pushed the season total past 100 inches. people just want winter to end. >> i'm ready for spring to get here, baseball to start. >> reporter: the worst was in rayne, louisiana. this security camera shows the tornado that touched down saturday with 135 miles per hour winds leaving shattered glass, and mud-soaked debris. one young mother was killed. authorities say she died sheltering her 1-year-old daughter as fierce winds brought down a tree on their house. 1500 people were forced from their homes by the twister. >> it was total chaos to be honest with you. >> reporter: it's going to be chaotic for the morning rush hour in syracuse. syracuse is now closing in on their fourth snowiest season on record. 170 inches so far, and counting. if you do the math that's over 14 feet of snow. matt, i don't know if you want to hear this but it can snow in syracuse into mid may. >> not that i don't want to hear it, but people in syra
, but a dog gave birth do 18 puppies. all the pups and their owners will join live us live. >> i love the little noises they make. >> so a lot coming up, but let's start with libya. fresh reports that rebel fighters have retaken a city. this comes as president obama prepares to address the nation on a mission still very much in debate. richard engel reports. >> reporter: throughout desert, behind the rebel's front line, we follow a secret convoy to bring water and fuel to the the people of ajdabiya, a rebel city still partially held by gadhafi forces. we reach ajdabiya's eastern gate. it's controlled by rebels. and marked by a tattered flag. ajdabiya is mostly deserted, an urban war zone. shops are closed or destroyed. there is to power or running water. just fighting between the revolutionaries and gadhafi's men, says this man. through a broken gate, we enter his home. it was badly damaged by gadhafi's troops. this is shrapnel from the tank round that hit his out and went right in this room. and the fighting isn't over. outside, we hear gunfire. gadhafi's troops are just a few blocks
work out for him. >> 4:59. stay with us now. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >>> attack on board. what police say what happened overnight on a metrobus. >> chatty charlie. while you slept charlie sheen had a very busy night. we're talking about tweeting. good morning i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this wednesday, march 2, 2011. let's take a live look outside right now at 5:00 a.m. 37 degrees. it's not only cold but blustery winds, tom making it colder than it seems. >> indeed. the wind have been gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour. the temperatures are near freezing. layer up to say comfortably warm. we had wind picking up overnight out of the southwest as we have a cold front beginning to approach us from the west. and it is down into the low to mid-30s throughout much of the region. 36 at reagan national. weather watchers reporting a clear sky and we've had our wind chills just in the last few minutes down into the low 20s and i few locations. right now reagan national the wind chill is at 29, even though it's march 2nd still feels like winter
. they had forced democrats to buy $4 billion in spending cuts. >> the american people want us to get our fiscal house in order, and this is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: house democrats fretted. >> i don't want to see this a death by a thousand slashes. >> the cuts they do make are taken out of vital investments, that would grow our economy, and create jobs. >> reporter: but senate democrats looked likely to go along. >> no one benefits from a shut down of the government. >> reporter: president obama wants a long-term deal. he talked to house speaker boehner, offered $8 billion in spending reductions right away. but the republican push for $100 billion in cuts got a big boost. a report by the gao on duplication in the current budget. 18 different federal programs to feed the poor. 100 programs to plan u.s. roads and rail. 82 programs and ten agencies to promote quality teaching. untold billions wasted, says the gao report. republicans say that's part of what they cut. >> to make sure that we are identifying areas of ways in duplicative regulation, so we can get rid of that.
property. internal affairs also used an undercover sting operation to nab 28-year-old jennifer green. according to court documents, green participated in what she thought was a burglary. green was arrested thursday. chief lanier saying today that that arrest is in no way connected to the arrest of the three officers this afternoon. lots more coming up tonight at 11:00, including reaction from people who live in this area. live in northwest, craig melvin, news4. back to you. >> craig, thank you. >>> there's new political fallout from the war in libya. republicans are pressuring president obama about gas prices, demanding he release domestic oil supplies. right now the current national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is $3.51. just a year ago, it was $2.75 a gallon. steve handelsman joins us from capitol hill on the battle over domestic oil drilling. >> it is a battle. it is political. good evening, doreen. here on capitol hill, even some democrats who disagree about the need to drill now, because of libya, and the spike in gasoline prices are pushing their president to co
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